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熱門關鍵詞: 外賣手提袋 開窗食品袋 食品打包牛皮紙袋 超市購物手提紙袋 航空防滑紙
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濟南鑫順源包裝有限公司是一家新型軟包裝為主的印刷加工企業。公司位于中國山東濟南章丘埠工業園,占地面積約1萬平方米。 本公司專業生產兩大系列產品: 一、環保袋,如出口的手捧環保牛皮紙袋,方底牛皮紙袋,航空嘔吐袋,高鐵清潔袋,防滑紙,淋膜紙袋,手提紙袋,其他食品包裝紙袋等。 二、烘焙包裝袋,漢堡紙,小吃袋,堅果干果袋等。 認真的專業態度,配合一系列先進的高效能生產技術,不斷的技術交流,時刻的自我提升,令產品能夠滿足現代市場的最新需求;標準、嚴格的品質檢驗,令客戶充滿信心;優良的產品,完善的售后服務,使公司在國內外銷量不斷增大,同時樹立了良好的公司形象。 公司本著“客戶第一,誠信至上”的原則,與多家企業建立了長期的合作關系。未來發展中,公司將不斷引進先進技術,不斷開拓新的市場,以滿足客戶與消費者的不同需求,與我們的客戶共同前進。 熱誠歡迎各界朋友前來參觀、考察、洽談業務,竭誠希望與您共贏!

Ji'nan Xin Shun Yuan Packaging Co., Ltd. is a new type of flexible packaging based printing and processing enterprises. The company is located in Ningjia Port Industrial Park, Zhangqiu District, Ji'nan, Shandong, China, covering an area of 10 thousand square meters. Our company specializes in producing two series of products: environmental protection bags, such as export of environmental protection cowhide paper bag, square bottom leather bag, air vomit bag, high iron cleaning bag, antiskid paper, leaching paper bag, handbag paper bag, other food packing paper bags, etc. Two, baking bags, hamburger paper, snack bags, nuts, dried fruit bags, etc. A serious professional attitude, with a series of advanced and efficient production technology, make the product be in the leading position in the domestic industry; continuous technical exchange, self promotion at the moment, make the product meet the latest demand of the modern market; the standard, the strict quality inspection, make the customer full of confidence; fine products, finish Good after-sales service makes the company's sales both at home and abroad increase continuously, and at the same time, it establishes a good corporate image. In accordance with the principle of "customer first, honesty first", the company has established long-term cooperative relationship with many enterprises. In the future, the company will continue to introduce advanced technology and constantly develop new market to meet the different needs of customers and consumers, and move forward with our customers. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business, and sincerely hope to win with you!








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